CBG Arts

"Ted Talk" with Brandon Rainey

Showing up in a youth's life is important. Brandon tells his story of how multiple people showed up for him, how he does the same for others, and how we can all do it to save each other.  Writer/Director This talk was given at a TEDx event.

“A Tale Of Two M.A.A.D Citiez” 

A revolutionary musical theater production that addresses the issues of identity, restoration, purpose, fatherhood, sexuality and social justice. The musical takes place in a “fictional time” when two rival gangs have declared 100 nights of terror, police are getting away with killing the innocent and everyone is looking everywhere else for the next leader to rise up. Inspired by the music of two musical geniuses, J Cole & Kendrick Lamar. 

"Flashing Lights" The Musical Extended Trailer...  

Flashing Lights is a new type of musical that incorporates the musical works of one of the best Emcee’s to ever bless the mic, the incomparable Kanye West. Directed by- Brandon Rainey-  & developed/conceived with him and Dame Crawford & Pooh Mayo. The show is a modern tale of the American Dream that follows Steven Simmons, a high school student from Chicago, to overcome obstacles and succeed in the music industry.  

"Hello Ameria" Part One

Hello America Part One is a new riveting production that chronicles the journey of 8 men in regards to masculinity, spirituality, fatherhood, sexuality, love, lust & identity. Through the use of creative storytelling, monologue, audience interaction, film & music they take audiences along for a ride that may cause laughter, tears & even some frustration intentionally painting a picture of being a man surviving in America.

"Why We Sing"

Two schools from different parts of the City have to merge in order to save the schools from being shut down for good. Their choirs come together to compete at a music competition and as we meet the teachers and students we realize that they don't sing for fame or the franklins but to survive. Set to the Music of the gospel living legend: Kirk Franklin and written by Brandon Rainey. Story conceived by Justin Walker.